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Built Stout Fence & Deck - the professional choice for quality fencing and decking.

Decking and Fencing done right.

Built Stout Construction specializes in wood decks, TimberTech composite decks, wood fences, covers and pergolas. We have seen in the marketplace a vast difference in the construction of wood decks, fences and structures. There are some significant differences in the construction process. We will not compromise on craftsmanship or quality.

In considering our company for your next project, we hope that you will explore our site and keep in mind the differences in construction processes for decks and fences when deciding who will be in charge of your construction needs, whether it be a new cedar fence, or a long-lasting TimberTech composite deck.

We would like to thank you again for visiting our site and hope that we can have the opportunity to give you a proposal on your next fence or deck project.

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