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Standard Features


  • Flash & Caulk All Ledgers:  This will eliminate any water transfer from the decking to the siding of the structure it is attached to. Reducing the chance of rot to your home.
  • Re-Treat Pressure Treated End Cuts:  Re-treating will protect open ends of the pressure treated wood. This protects the wood from wicking water into the center of the wood and rotting from the inside out. Re-treating the ends allows a deck to stand for years with minimal maintenance to the framing.
  • Powder-Coated, Galvanized  or Stainless Steel Color-Matched Screws:  By using this type of screw, it eliminates rust and bleeding on the decking.
  • Pre-Drilled & Counter-Sunk Screws:  Counter-sinking leaves a smooth finish and reduces the occurrence of cracking in both wood and composite decking.
  • Glue & Miter All Wood Handrail Corners:  Provides an even fit and promotes extra strength.
  • Wood Handrail Is Premium Tight Knot:  Creates a smooth finish with less than 5% knots. This reduces the chance of splitting, cracking, warping & shrinking.
  • Decking is Hand Selected:  Ensures the best quality wood to be used and made to last.
  • Support Beams: By using #1 support beams, it helps avoid cracking, warping and crowning.
  • Concrete All Supports:  By not using pier blocks it creates a very stable foundation with minimal settling. A minimum of 180 pounds of concrete is used per support.



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